Pharmacy Management Software RFP

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Public Notice for RFP:

Pharmacy Management Software

Proposals marked “Pharmacy Management Software RFP” will be received by Lisa Pullen, Pharmacist700 N. Flournoy Road, Suite 2A, Alice, Texas 78332. Proposals will be accepted until January 3, 2017. Proposals submitted after this date and time will not be reviewed. CACOST is not responsible for delays caused by the U.S. Postal Service.


Proposal responses sent by facsimile machines or email are not acceptable and will be rejected upon receipt. Vendors will be expected to allow adequate time for delivery of their proposal.

This RFP issue date is Wednesday December 7, 2016. All bid responses are due by Tuesday January 3, 2017.

Click the link to view, print, or download the RFP.

Pharmacy Management Software RFP

Attachment B: Pharmacy Specification Sheet


Additional submission information is outlined in the RFP.